I promise not to preach 2

New readers start here:  Sometimes the Church hierarchy seems to be singing from a different songsheet from everyone else – even Church goers! You could think it’s because they’re out of touch – but sometimes they have a point which hasn’t been understood. So these suggestions of topics – for the conversation between People, Church and God – try to understand both sides.


Other possible topics for Ordinary Theology

  • The way people treat children – is it abusive?

  • Hairdressing – escape route for girls

  • Baby – escape for girls and boys – their attempt to have a proper family after muddles in their pasts

  • Relationships – abusive or equal – Lolita

  • Relationships – all’s fair in love and war

  • Everything matters quite a bit – nothing matters very much

  • competition and co-operation

  • all this stuff about the hospice – and remembrance and flowers by the roadside – it’s like ancestor worship

  • ordinary people and experts – “in my opinion”…. Bad Thoughts A Dictionary of Idiocy ? MMR jab – evidence v hysteria….

  • how to live – meaning and purpose – NB do people want individual answers – is this different from the more political stuff….. ?