Are we of any earthly use?

If our Church disappeared from the face of England, would the nation be worse off? Well, yes, of course it would; Christians are mostly an influence for good, we contribute large numbers of volunteers to society (big and small), we care for a very significant chunk of our cultural heritage. And yet, being brutally honest,… Read More »


We pray for God’s kingdom to come. Is “Kingdom” the right word? Certainly “Empire” is not: Jesus set His face against Empire in all that he did in his confrontations with authority. Let’s not forget that we mean here Roman authority. Jesus knew first hand, in ways we cannot, about Empire; He was executed at… Read More »

Ordinary Theology paper

On the Ordinary Theology page of this site you can download my paper looking at some new kinds of Theology (eg Practical, Pastoral) which claim to be rooted in the experience of believers, and attempt to adopt a listening stance towards them. It charts the relationship between my own version of Ordinary Theology, which takes… Read More »